Molfix حفاضات للاطفال بتقنية فريدة ثلاثية الابعاد، ماكسي، حجم العبوة 4-8 قطع

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•Molfix the driest diaper in Egypt•New Molfix is sterilized with UVC and Anti bacterial technologies to provide more protection for your baby.•Molfix ​does not sag while absorbing the liquid and protects its shape. Making your baby move easily.•Elastic Body System, Elastic Side Bands, Anti-Leakage Elastic Barriers, Double Absorbent Area.

•ELASTIC BODY SYSTEM•What does it mean?

Molfix fits your baby with new elastic body system•Why is it important?

With Molfix 3D Technology your baby can move comfortably•ELASTIC SIDE BANDS•What does it mean?

Covers your baby’s body with more flexible side bands•Why is it important?

It does not hurt your baby’s tummy area while moving•ANTI-LEAKAGE ELASTIC BARRIERS•What does it mean?

Barriers that prevent wetness from leaking out•Why is it important?

prevents leakage while being flexible from the legs’ area•DOUBLE ABSORBENT AREA•What does it mean?

Areaa of liquid locker super absorbent particles•Why is it important

Absorbs the liquid immediately and keeps skin dry

•Molfix Has Wetness Indicator That Changes In Color From Yellow To Blue To Understand Changing Time •Molfix Is Skin-friendly Approved •Umbilical Cord Notch To Keep Cord Area Safe •Airsoft Technology With Cotton Softness For Your Newly Born Baby •Aloe Vera & Chamomile Extracts To Leave Your Baby’s Skin Feeling Naturally Smooth



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Molfix حفاضات للاطفال بتقنية فريدة ثلاثية الابعاد، ماكسي، حجم العبوة 4-8 قطع