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Household Appliance

Household Appliance
Model: مساحة
AdvantagesIts size is small and fast, so it will reach the narrowest places in the fastest time.It has a hurry, which means it will move with ease.There is no fatigue or effort because she works alone and the house is clean in minutes.You will be able to save on electricity because it does not consu..
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Model: مستلزمات المطبخ
FeaturesIt has a special spoon and a coffee filter so that it is ground and you drink it exactly.Id fridge plastic means heat insulator.The capacity of the refrigerator is large enough for more than a cup.The length of the wire is 50 cm. It will help you if the electricity is far from you.Its size i..
EGP850.00 EGP950.00
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Model: أجهزة منزلية
Features:It will provide you with different lighting for any occasion you haveSuitable for use at home for a quiet and romantic atmosphere or in celebrations outside the houseIt has bluetooth so you can connect it to your mobile and play the songs you loveIt has a remote control to control it while ..
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Model: صاعق الناموس
AdvantagesIn the place of the mosquito mesh Htbz land.Easy to use, once plugged in, it will work.It has a LED that you can use and a light person to move with it anywhere.the descriptionProduct name: - photocatalyst mosquito lamp.Power: 3.7 watts.Voltage: 5 volts.Package Content1 x stun1 x charger c..
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Octopus fan Octopus fan
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Model: مراوح و مكييفات
FeaturesAfter charging, the fan works wirelesslyThe fan is very practical. It has 3 limbs like an octopus man. You can install it in more than one way:You can put it in front of you at the office while you are working or with ticketsOr hang it on the crib or in front of you in ArabicIt can be easily..
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The amazing neck conditioning The amazing neck conditioning
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Model: مراوح و مكييفات
FeaturesIn 3 degrees of heat you can adjust it according to your need.The neck is made of silicone for the comfort of the neck.Made of tough, hard-to-break plastic with LED lighting on the side.The battery capacity is large enough to carry you all day long, and it has its own charger connection.It c..
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Model: مراوح و مكييفات
FeaturesThe material of the cloth will prevent the penetration of hot sunlight.The fan moves in two directions, ensuring air circulation.It has two degrees of speed, you can occupy the appropriate degree.Easy to use, charge it and work with you throughout the day.the descriptionMaterial:- ABS plasti..
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Model: مكواة بخار
AdvantagesSuitable for all types of fabrics, even light weight, such as satin and silk.We can use it to clean the sofa and chairs, and we can also put a freshener with its water to make it smell sweet.The material is made of heat-insulating plastic, which will be very safe.She has two gears, one a b..
Ex Tax:EGP240.00
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