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10000mAh Magical Power Bank 10000mAh Magical Power Bank
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Brand: Zero Model: اكسسوارات موبايل
FeaturesThe large battery capacity will charge you your mobile phone more than once a day.There is a place for two connections so that you can charge more than one mobile at the same time.It has LED lights that show the charge percentage.Its size is light and the material is hard-to-break plastic, a..
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Model: 01MPVA9D
The evening is not completed except when you play a movie on the mobile and turn off the light and watch in a mood, but with time the mobile screen tires your eyes because it is small, and because the evening is in a mood, it is not an eye pain, we bring you the screen magnifier that will enlarge th..
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Cute mobile holder for the office Cute mobile holder for the office
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Brand: Zero Model: اكسسوارات موبايل
It looks cute with drawings and shapes that will be a special decoration on the officeSuitable for all types of mobilesMovable, you can control its heightIt is small in size and you can take it with you anywherethe descriptionMaterial: plasticDimensions: (7*10*15)Color: random..
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Model: EG050601MH0099
You like to photograph yourself a lot and make videos with the mobile, and you need to install the mobile, with the mobile holder for the office, it turns 360 degrees, you will record all your times and moments easilyAdvantagesThe 360-degree rotating stand allows you to direct it in the way that sui..
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G-H16 subwoofer G-H16 subwoofer
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Brand: Zero Model: اكسسوارات موبايل
Features:-The loudspeaker is very loud and pure.The amplifier has different audio inputs to work in many ways (mobile, bluetooth, memory).The magnifier is small in size and light in weight, and it also has a hand to make it easy to carry.Beinur amplifier violin with songs means it will help you to c..
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Joyroom JR-A28 Wireless Charger Joyroom JR-A28 Wireless Charger
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Model: 01MACH99
JR wireless chargerA28 from the international brand Joyroom. A modern wireless charger that charges mobile phones that support Qi technology and features a fast charging feature."AdvantagesThe charger is the world-famous JOYROOM brand.- Featured with fast charging.- Using the charger, you will charg..
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Lanex 3 in1 wireless chager 15 watt Lanex 3 in1 wireless chager 15 watt
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Model: EG010504LTOF99
Charge the mobile, the headset and the watch without needing many chargers with Lanex 3 in1 wireless chager.AdvantagesYou will be able to charge the headset, watch and mobile at the same time through shipping.Suitable for iPhone and Android phones that can charge wirelessly.The charger is st..
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magic screen magnifier magic screen magnifier
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Model: EG010106ZOMS99
You want to watch your favorite program or movie from a distance and clearly see the cinema that brings you to your door with the magic screen magnifier.AdvantagesIt enlarges the image from 3 to 4 times, which means it will be clearer than the mobile screen.The screen is very pure, which means that ..
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Model: EG050601MH0099
You know that PUBG is the most popular game you play, which is why with the mobile gaming group, it will be faster and stronger.AdvantagesIt has a keyboard to make it easier for you to play.It has a mobile holder and has angle degrees to choose the right one for you.It has a button that enables you ..
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Model: EG010106NFCT99
We provide you with an alternative to a business card, and we will provide you with a quick solution, NFC Tags Android, to display all your work easily at the lowest cost.AdvantagesCompatible with Android system.Through it, you can distribute all your work and personal data.The keychain has a lock s..
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Screen magnifier with speaker 2*1 Screen magnifier with speaker 2*1
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Model: EG010106ZOSP99
Watch your favorite movie or program with clear sound and image with a screen magnifier equipped with a 2 in 1 speaker.AdvantagesIts screen is very clear in HD, meaning you will watch at your convenience, and if a translated movie, you will read without bringing the mobile closer to you.It enlarges ..
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The amazing ring lite tik tok The amazing ring lite tik tok
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Model: 01RFLY99
Ring Light Tik Tok is the wonder where you can shoot, whether selfie or broadcast videos, in 3 lights, and each light has 10 brightness levels.Advantages:-Ring Light is suitable for taking selfies and also broadcasting videos to show you the location of the shooting.The device has 3 lights (white / ..
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