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Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment
Model: أجهزة رياضية
Features :You will do your exercises at home without having to go to the gym or the gymYou will do arm and abdominal exercises easilyShe has a piece of compressed foam for the knee and you are doing abdominal exercisesComfortable handles to activate the muscles of the arm and abdomen, and you can re..
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Model: 050201WH0099
FeaturesIf you dream of a flat stomach, the wheel will help you to do exercises at homeEasy to remove and install, you can take it to the gym, or exercise anywhereThe wheel handle is comfortable for the hand, and your hand will not get tired while you are exercisingThe plastic material is strong, an..
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Model: أجهزة رياضية
FeaturesHelps lose weight through sweatingIt will help you lose weight in the abdomen, sides, and backIt helps you get rid of excess water in the bodyYou can wear it under clothes while you are exercising or walkingEasy to wash and cleanSuitable for all sizes, you can control it according to your si..
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All-in-one exercise machine All-in-one exercise machine
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Model: أجهزة رياضية
Features:-The device can exercise more than one muscleYou can use it as a writing and practice with itYou can do abdominal exercises with an exercise wheelYou can use the step to do push-upsYou can take it with you to exercise anywhereIt has two resistance ropes with which you can practice all the e..
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Model: 050202EL0099
FeaturesIt helps prevent wrist injuriesYou will be able to lift heavy weights at your convenience without worryingIt will stabilize the joint during exerciseSuitable for people who play sports that rely on the wrist such as weightlifting, tennis, volleyballthe descriptionexercise elbowDimensions (le..
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Exercise and gym supplies set (elbow for exercises and gym + half-finger gloves for exercises, motorcycle and wheel + wrist corset for exercises and gym weights + gym weights tensioner + gym squash corset + shaker for exercises and gym) Exercise and gym supplies set (elbow for exercises and gym + half-finger gloves for exercises, motorcycle and wheel + wrist corset for exercises and gym weights + gym weights tensioner + gym squash corset + shaker for exercises and gym)
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Model: EG050701GY0099
FeaturesThe set contains a shaker to have protein with you after exerciseAnd the squat corset will help you in resistance exercises, so you will do more than one exercise with itWear Hadid at your convenience and protect your hands thanks to the two exercise glovesAnd remove the weights without worr..
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Model: EG050201MV0099
FeaturesIt will help you organize yourself during exerciseIt increases lung endurance and your overall performanceIts material is soft on the skin and will not cause you allergiesSuitable for all types of sports, especially high intensity sportsWith multiple air resistances, you can easily change th..
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Model: أجهزة رياضية
FeaturesYou can do all the exercises with themRopes with 5 different resistances, you will be able to exercise with them according to the intensity of your exerciseYou can take it with you anywhere you exercise in the gym, club and anywhereYou can exercise more than one rope at the same time and inc..
Ex Tax:EGP265.00
Model: EG050201FR0099
FeaturesYou can do stretching exercises for all the muscles of your bodyEasy to use, you can easily use it yourselfIt will help you to stimulate blood circulationIt is made of high quality foamYou can use it to warm up before exercise, and to recover muscles after exerciseSuitable for yoga loversIts..
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Model: أجهزة رياضية
FeaturesThe stick with resistance ropes will help you exercise with your body weightYou can exercise all the muscles in your bodyYou can work two muscles at the same timeIt will help you know how to do stretching exercises.The stick is detachable, easy to take with you anywhereYou can exercise it at..
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Model: 050202HA0099
FeaturesYou can easily remove any weightIt will help you control the bar while you lift the weight without worrying that it will fall offCompact and easy to useHigh quality material that will live with youthe descriptionMD . brandDimensions: (length 17 cm * width 7 cm)..
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Half finger gloves for exercise, motorcycle and wheel Half finger gloves for exercise, motorcycle and wheel
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Model: 050202GL0006
FeaturesYou can use it in the gym while lifting weights or exercisingSuitable for lovers of riding motorcycles and motorcyclesIt will protect your hand from cracking and injuries to the skin of the handYou will have more control over lifting weights and you will not slip out of your handsSweat-absor..
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