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Maintenance Equipment

Maintenance Equipment
Model: مُعدات صيانة
FeaturesYou can easily repair the leather yourselfSuitable for any color because you can be the color of the leather yourselfEasy to use in minutes, there are no hemp piecesSuitable for all types of leatherWith the package a catalog to configure the color of the skinThe package contains 4 different ..
Ex Tax:EGP140.00
Model: مُعدات صيانة
FeaturesYou can make directions or signs on the walls or anywhereYou can use it in games and you and your friendsYou can use it to make alarm signals for emergency exits and doorsIts size is large 225 grams, you can use it more than onceFast-acting in two minutes, you will find anywhere you spray it..
Ex Tax:EGP180.00
Model: مُعدات صيانة
FeaturesThe key will help you remove and install any nut and bolt easilyIt is small in size, so you can take it with you anywhere14 in 1 multi-use, you can use it more than one sizeEasy to use and compactThe hand is padded, it will not tire you while holding itthe descriptionMulti use 14 in 1Materia..
Ex Tax:EGP135.00
Model: مُعدات صيانة
FeaturesEasy to use, you can easily install it yourselfYou can connect it with signals and give a warningI have a distinctive and different shape for the motorcycleSuitable for all types of motorcycles and scootersthe descriptionMaterial: metal * glassLED for seriousSuitable for all types of motorcy..
Ex Tax:EGP70.00
Model: مُعدات صيانة
FeaturesCordless, you can move it anywhere easilyYou can use it to remove and install any screw because it has screwdrivers heads that are usually solidThis is other than that he has a chinoisore punch that will help you in digging wood and metalYou will be able to control the disassembly and instal..
Ex Tax:EGP525.00
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