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Model: ادوات منزلية
FeaturesEasy to install by simply pressing on the plastic.It has 4 bushes that you can hang on to more than one piece.In two places on the side, you will be able to hang towels on them and maybe a hanger to keep the clothes flat.The material is made of plastic, which is hard to break and will wear y..
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Model: 0301083D0099
Advantages3D rug in black and white.Well closed, without spaces in the threads.The material is comfortable for the foot and its shape is chic.You can use a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a dry or damp cloth.the descriptionDimensions: -148 x 148 cm.Material:- Hut + Crystal Fabric...
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4 foldable headlights 4 foldable headlights
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Model: ادوات منزلية
4 foldable headlightsLED light bulbs last up to 100,000 hoursEasy push buttonRequires 3 AAA batteries (not included)5 super bright LED lights in each lanternHow to work: twist it and then open it, it will light upPerfect for emergencies..
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Model: 034PDB08
AdvantagesIt has 2 pillowcases and 2 infidels for the pillow and sheet, meaning a complete set.The sheet is large and fits any bed size.Its cotton cloth means sleep comfortably and calmly.Other than its beautiful and calm colors.the descriptionProduct name: bed sheet set 5 piecesSheet dimensions: 22..
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Model: 030106SD0025
AdvantagesEasy to install, it has 15 rings Turkish mounting tape.Its material is chiffon that helps in entering the sun into the house.The curtain is color gradient, it will be a beautiful decoration for the house.the descriptionSize: 2m wide x 2.7mColor: assorted.Number of episodes: - 15 episodes.M..
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Model: 030108BO0011
AdvantagesIts color is a gray trendy chic chic on more than one of the colors of off-white, violet and burgundyYou will complete the salon dress with a chic curtain and an excellent materialIts suede material prevents the sun's heat from entering and the cold winterIt has 14 episodes to make it easy..
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Model: أدوات منزلية
AdvantagesYou can use it for a long time because its volume is 33 ml.It does not leave any greasy effect because it is very light.It will shine the surfaces and smell of lemon, which means polishing and a sweet smell 2 * 1.He has his own sponge, so you don't need to buy a new one.the descriptionSize..
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Model: EG030108DFAI99
AdvantagesLight, not heavy on the body and warm.It is large in size and light in colour.You can use it on the fur and wash the plush.the descriptionMaterial: - plush + fur.Dimensions: 2 x 2 meters..Color:- Burgundy, Petrol, Pink, Brown...
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Model: 034PDB08
"Advantages:-Cover will protect your mattress from dirt.Cover with plastic, meaning it will not slip or fall.The material is cotton, which means comfort while you are asleep, and the material is sweaty.The second face of the cover with PVC material to isolate fluids.Easy to store, clean and washIt h..
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