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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

(1) Introduction:

Welcome to Need Buy, below are the terms and conditions regarding your use and access to the Pages of the Need Buy website and all the pages, links, tools and features that are branching from them. Your use of Need Buy is your consent to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, which includes all the details below and is a confirmation of your obligation to respond to the content of this Need Buy agreement, referred to as "We", also referred to as "Need Buy", in connection with your use of the site, referred to below as "The Employment Agreement", and this agreement is valid once you accept the consent option.

(2) Eligibility for membership:

1. Membership of the site is granted only to those who have passed the age of 18 years. Need Buy has the right to cancel the account of any member under the age of 18 with the obligation to liquidate his financial accounts immediately after the account is closed.

2. No one has the right to use the site if you cancel your Membership from Need Buy.

3. If any user registers as a business, their business will be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

4. You must comply with all applicable laws to regulate online commerce.

5. No member or institution has the right to open two accounts simultaneously for any reason, and the website management has the right to freeze the two accounts or cancel one of them with the obligation to liquidate all financial transactions related to the account before closing it.

6. Individual employees and institutions must comply with commercial contracts with members.

7. No member of the site has the right to purchase prohibited, suspicious or stolen exhibits or violate the laws of ministries and bodies of local government trade institutions, and if proven, he places himself under personal responsibility without the slightest responsibility on Need Buy.

(3) Account and registration obligations:

Once you apply for a membership of the site, you are required to disclose specific information and choose a secret username and password to use when accessing the site. When you accept the application for registration you will be considered a member of the site and thus you will have agreed to

1. Be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password information and identifying people who are allowed access and use of your account on the site. You agree to notify Need Buy immediately of any unauthorized use of your password, account or other breach of your confidential information.

2. Need Buy will in no way be responsible for any loss that may occur directly, indirectly, morally or physically as a result of the disclosure of user name or password information.

3.You are responsible for maintaining the use of Need Buy with all seriousness and credibility and is obliged to compensate Need Buy for any direct or indirect losses that may be incurred to Need Buy as a result of any illegal, real or authorized use of your account by you or

Anyone else who has access to your account on the site, whether to perform services and others using your username and password, whether authorized by you or without authorization.

4.You agree to disclose real, correct, up-to-date and complete information about yourself as required in need Buy's registration form."

5. Do not include any of your contact details, such as email addresses, phone numbers, personal details, or the word 'Need Buy'.

6. Your shop name does not include the word "Need Buy" or its logo.

7. Need Buy is obliged to treat your personal information and contact addresses confidentially with other members and members are provided with contact information only as soon as the business process esits complete.

8. You will be obliged to maintain and update the registration data in turn to keep it real, correct, current and complete, and if you disclose information that is not true, incorrect, non-current, incomplete or contrary to the user agreement, Need Buy has the right

Complete ly stop, identify or cancel your membership and account on the site, without damaging need Buy's other rights and legitimate means of recovering its rights.

9.Need Buy is free-willed and at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary (directly or through a third party) and requires you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to establish your identity and/or ownership of your financial instruments.

10. In the event that the applicant represents a business, all required information and documents including your business license, other documents of the organization and/or documents showing the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf must be provided.

11.You agree to provide any information and/or documents to Need Buy if you are asked to do so.

12. If you do not comply with any of what has been stated, Need Buy management has the right to suspend or revoke your membership and block you from the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed and unconfirmed accounts, operations or accounts that have been overfor a long time without activity.

(4) Electronic communications:

1. You agree to be communicated to you via email, or by broadcasting promotional advertisements on the site, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications that you provide electronically serve as written counterparts in meeting legal requirements.

2. During your membership, Need Buy will send you promotional emails to inform you of any new changes, procedures or promotional activities that may be added to the site.

3. You have the right as a user to confirm that you do not wish to receive promotional emails, and you may not receive such messages, by clicking on the option to request not to receive promotional messages available at the bottom of promotional and advertising messages.

(5) Modifications to the user agreement and the task of this Need Buy:

1. You know and agree that Need Buy will notify you of any modification to the user agreement, under which your obligations will be doubled or your rights diminished in accordance with any modifications to the User Agreement.

2. You agree that Need Buy, without legal liability, may make fundamental or subsidiary amendments to this Agreement without requiring additional approval from you, at any time and with immediate effect, by broadcasting an announcement of the amendment to the Site.

3. You know that Need Buy is not an auction or bank and does not offer similar services, and Need Buy is a technical website that allows the sale and purchase of goods between sellers and buyers registered on the site.

4.Membership on the site is free. Need Buy charges sellers when their goods are sold on the site, and there are optional advertising fees if ordered and used to promote goods on the site.

5. Sellers must pay all fees due to Need Buy within 30 days with a maximum of 30 days after completing any successful sale

6. The seller must duly inform the site management of any unsuccessful sale for any reason, and Need Buy will cancel the commission calculated on the item.

7. You have the right as a seller to cancel or refund any commissions that have been calculated or deducted for transactions that have not been completed.

8. Before you offer any item for sale on the site, you should review the details of the specific fees that will be charged for your operations and you will have to pay them immediately after the monthly invoices for your operations account on the site are issued,

9. The site has the right to make adjustments to the transaction fees as it deems appropriate and any modification will be announced through your email, and the modifications may be temporary or continuous whether on the fees or details of shipping services and you must abide by them in accordance with their terms when they are announced.

8. All fees are calculated in local currency for the location of the country where you registered you must pay all the fees due on your operations on the site to Need Buy plus any taxes or other expenses, within 30 days of the date of the invoice sent to him by Need Buy, to be paid by the approved means for it.

9. If you do not commit to paying fees or expenses charged on your on-site operations, Need Buy, without the slightest legal liability, reserves the right to:
- Issuing and issuing an official warning to you for not committing to pay on time

- If financial dues are not paid up to 7 days from the date need Buy issued the warning, Need Buy has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

- Need Buy also reserves the right to take any necessary steps, including legal, if you do not pay your dues to Need Buy.

- For accounts due for more than 30 days, the unpaid amount will be deducted from your MyWallet account and you do not mind that Need Buy will do so properly and you must be informed via email of the completion of the withdrawal.

Need Buy reserves the right to take any necessary procedures or steps that include and are not limited to legal proceedings to collect due fees and/or taxes and appropriate expenses.

- Despite our efforts, there may be a few goods in our guide that are incorrectly priced. We will confirm prices when we process your order. If we have made a mistake and the correct price of the product is higher than the price on the website, we may either contact you before shipping to see if you want to purchase the product at the correct price or cancel your order. If the correct price of the product is lower than the advertised price, we will charge you the lower price and we will send you the product.

(6) Using Need Buy for safe payment:

1. Need Buy's secure payment system considers that payment for the purchase of goods from the site can be made entirely or in part online through Need Buy payment properties called MyWallet, cash for receipt slot, or any other payment party that Need Buy may occasionally provide on the site.

2. Providing Need Buy for payment through my wallet or cash on receipt is an easy way for buyers to complete online payments overseen by Need Buy while Need Buy does not participate in the purchases and purchases on the site.

3. All sales and purchases on the site continue to be carried out in accordance with bilateral contracts between the seller and the buyer of a particular commodity, and Need Buy is not responsible for any transaction that is not completed, and is not responsible for any claim resulting from any contract between buyers and sellers.

4.Need Buy has no responsibility to ensure the credibility of any user. The seller and buyer should take care of the transactions. You know and agree that Need Buy carries you with the risks that may be inflicted on your money, God forbid, during your trading and trading on the site.

(7) Your personal information and details information of operations:

>1. You do not mind that You grant Need Buy an unlimited, universal, permanent and non-reusable, expense-free, and authorized use of personal or other information or materials, which you have provided us with and/or advertised on the site by registering, bidding, buying, or during

The process of displaying and selling goods, through forms dedicated to communication and registration, or through any email or any of the communication channels available on the site. In order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the agreement of use the confidentiality of information.

2. You are the only one responsible for the information you have sent or published and need Buy's role is limited to allowing you to view this information on the website's pages and through its advertising channels.

(8) Goods and information that are prohibited from trading during your use of the site:

No user has the right to display any commodity that is not allowed to be traded in the Saudi Arabian Market according to the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce, Customs Administration, Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia and all relevant ministries such as (not exclusively):

1. Medicines and preparations not licensed by the Ministry of Health

2. Explosive materials and firearms

3.Animals pets, wild animals, birds or their members

4.Religiously illegal goods

5. Spirits, liquor, liqueurs, tobacco of all kinds, and narcotic drugs

6.Pirated and non-original software and laser discs

7. Pornographic videos and any pornography-related programs

8. Prohibited substances from being legally traded

9. Products of illegal animal origin

10. National Historical Documents and Artifacts Registered

11.Bonds include stocks, sukuk, customs bonds or any financial instruments

12. General services and announcements of websites or companies

13. The art piece is forbidden to be exported outside Saudi Arabia

14. Artifacts and artistic treasures as stipulated in the laws.

15. Any damaged, forged, invalid, counterfeit goods or through their use can harm users of another site in their interests and health.

16. Fresh food, chemicals and carbonate

17. Any goods officially or informally advertised by any government entity concerned in Saudi Arabia that they are not allowed to sell, import or use either before or after they are displayed on the site, and the site has the right not to allow them to be displayed even if it is the responsibility of the seller

(9) Prohibitions when you offer goods:

1. View items that are still listed for sale by another user

2. Display counterfeit goods for internationally or locally registered brands

3. Display stolen, unknown or unlicensed goods

4. Publish inappropriate information, content or news within the established customs and traditions

5. Broadcast false, fraudulent, incorrect, misleading, defamatory, intimidating, intimidating or disturbing information

6. Post notes, questions or answers that are not true in nature, including not limited to racist comments, the use of profanity language,
Assault another user, insult other cultures or make any other offensive comments.

7. Include information or goods that violate the intellectual property rights of a third party and other property or the right of confidentiality.

8. The dissemination of dirty or obscene information, which contains and is not limited to pornographic information and any information (we consider in our view) is inappropriate.

9. Publishing information (in our view) that carries a critical political opinion or content that is detrimental to the public interest.

10. Publish any information, contents or the inclusion of goods that are (in our view) transgressive to local culture, religion or tradition.

11. Broadcasting information, content or listing goods (in our view) that may not be compliant with islamic law, its provisions, principles, values, ethics and traditions.

12. Publishing information or contents or listing goods (in our view) may threaten national security.

13. Publish information or contents or insert goods (in our view) that include or encourage gambling.

14. Use interesting or inappropriate words when displaying goods for sale using this type of word in product names or addresses, with the aim of drawing attention or directing members to your goods.

15. Prohibited actions during on-site operations:
- Not to pay your payments for goods you have purchased, unless the seller has changed the specifications of the goods or there have been updates after you have bid, or there has been a clear typographical error.
- Do not deliver a commodity purchased from you as long as the buyer complies with the declared terms.
- Try to complete off-site transactions for items offered in the auction site or offered for sale on the site without registering them as a successful operation regardless of the method of delivery and payment
- Use communications resulting from purchases or sales on the site, to make sales on other goods directly or indirectly from other sites via email or other means of communication.
- The claim not to sell the goods, while Need Buy, in his view, considers that it was successfully carried out in accordance with the user agreement and the terms of the site.
- Manipulation or attempt to manipulate the site in any way including the prices of any goods or services on the site either alone or with the help of another party or another user
- Dodging and manipulating the structure of site fees, billing, or fees owned by Need Buy.
- Any action that would violate the confidentiality of site information and data, or disclose or use any data or information for any reasons or actions not related to Need Buy
- Transfer your account on the site and username, to another party without informing the management of the site and its approval of this procedure
Distribution or advertising of illegal or large-scale communications, or a series of hierarchical messages.
- Distribution of any harmful software such as viruses, trojans, time bombs, or any similar software or technologies that would harm the site, or the interests and property of the users of the site and whoisall of the proof of this work shall bear all financial and moral compensation without the slightest responsibility on Need Buy

16. Make up a claim on Need Buy or cause a total or partial loss of services to Internet operators or any other suppliers.

17. Doing anything that carries us or may carry (in our view) a huge and unjustified burden on our infrastructure and operating policy.

18. Intervene or attempt to intervene to influence the progress of the site.

19.Try to grab another user's account or do any scam on the site or user accounts and other domains of their own.

20. Export or re-export any tools belonging to the site based on what is stipulated in the laws governing the export in any of the applicable legislation in such matters.

21. Reproduce, modify or distribute any content on the site or violate copyright or trademark in any way.

22. Violation of any laws, provisions, regulations, guidelines, third-party rights or Buy.

23. Damage To Need Buy through the use of the shipping services granted by Need Buy, my retainer service, properties, other contracts, terms and conditions, which are displayed on the site from time to time.

(10) You undertake, declare and guarantee that you:

1. 18 years of old or older

2. You have the authority to compel the institution " if you are a representative of the institution "

3. You are the sole and legally exclusive owner of all materials of any kind that you wish to put up for sale on the site, and you have proof that you have the right and authority to trade and display these materials.

4. You will abide by all applicable local and international laws in this regard, as well as the applicable provisions regarding the use of the site.

5. The information and description of the goods that will be posted on the website for sale for sale are correct, accurate, detailed and illustrated.

6. To operate within the website's policy of maintaining the privacy of contact and communication information, you will not disclose details of your contact information including phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, anywhere on the site including

Forms, forum, item details or through any e-mail features of the site.

7. Your information obtained through the communications required to complete any transaction on the site will not be used to complete additional off-site sales or through another site.

8. You will not collect your information about other users including their email addresses and other means of communication.

9. It will not disclose or publish any personal information about users, or use it in a manner (in our view) that may violate their confidentiality, privacy and applicable laws.

(11) Copyright:

1. All content contained in the site, including not limited to texts, graphic designs, logos, icon buttons, icons, audio clips, digital loads, aggregated data and electronic software, is owned and rights are reserved for either Need Buy or its users, and for the authors of these contents and for the commissioners and are protected within copyright, trademarks, intellectual property laws and creative rights.

2. The content selected on the site is exclusively owned and its rights are reserved for Need Buy, and are protected within copyrighted copyright, trademarks and intellectual and creative property rights and laws.

(12) Brands

1.Need Buy and other words and logos on the site are either registered or unregistered trademarks of Need Buy, and are protected by the rights and laws of other international and intellectual trademarks and trademarks.

2. Need Buy brands may not be used for products or services outside of Need Buy or that will devalue and discredit them. All other trademarks not owned by Need Buy that appear on the site are owned by their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated, affiliated or sponsored by Need Buy.

(13) Damage to Need Buy:

1.It is necessary to report any problems of any kind related to the violation of this user agreement in Need Buy.

2. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you should inform Need Buy.

3. If item 2 is proven above, Need Buy may resort without harming its interests and rights, to confirm, stop or block a user's access to the site and/or cancel his membership of the site, or remove his contents on the site.

4. Need Buy may also resort to technical and/or legal steps against users who create legal problems or claims of any kind, such as violating the intellectual property rights of third parties or improperly dealing with this user agreement or with our contracts.

5. It is forbidden to display links to other sites outside Of Need Buy and if it belongs to the item displayed on the site and is liable to display the address for any damages that may result from the entry of viruses or harmful software either to Need Buy or any of its users

(14) Buyer's protection:

Need Buy has a "Buyer Protection Program" that aims to help buyers to ensure that their purchases are protected from vendor fraud on the site.

1. In the event that the buyer purchases goods in the safe payment manner ,Safepay, and does not receive his goods or that he receives goods different from the specifications offered or whose value differs from what was mentioned on the offer page, then the buyer can request protection according to the program

Buyer's protection. This programme includes a clause that allows him to be compensated by Need Buy for the value of the goods only. In order to benefit from this program, the buyer must file a complaint by e-mail to Need Buy within 48 hours of receiving the third party item.

Match with all the necessary details related to the process.

2. After receiving the communication sent by The Need Buy department will be done to verify the case and its details, and in case it is determined (by Need Buy) that the seller has deliberately defrauded the buyer, Need Buy will compensate the buyer within the site policy and

Need Buy management deems appropriate based on the details of each case,

3. As a follow-up to the above number 2, Need Buy may resort to stop, cancel or block the seller's access to the site and/or cancel its membership, and the site has the right to charge the seller the costs of buyer compensation and shipping and delivery costs according to (shipping policies and any additional fees), and retains

Need Buy has the right to take additional steps if necessary, including legal steps

4. You know and agree that if any commodity is returned from the buyer to Need Buy, and the item is illegal or illegal, Need Buy is entitled then and by his own vision to damage the goods or to take any other necessary steps.

5. Shipping fees for return orders:

1) If the return is due to an error borne by the seller or a problem with the sent product

A- If the buyer objects within 7 days of receiving the application (Protection period provided by Need Buy)

Need Buy will incur shipping charges paid to ship the item to the buyer

The seller will bear the shipping fee for returning the item to him

If Buy Need does not approve the customer's return request and the customer refuses to receive the return item rejected by Need Buy, The Need Buy will be entitled to dispose of the item 60 days after the customer's rejection date.

B- If the buyer objects 7 days after receiving the order (only if the return of the product is approved)

The buyer bears the shipping fee paid to ship the item to him

The seller will bear the shipping fee for returning the item to him

If Need Buy does not approve the customer's return request and the customer refuses to receive the return item rejected by Need Buy, Need Buy will have the right to dispose of the item 60 days after the customer's rejection date.

2) If the return is due to buyer error and the product in its original condition is still not opened

A- If the buyer objects within 7 days of receiving the application (Protection period provided by Need Buy)

- Need Buy cannot afford the shipping fee paid to ship the item to the buyer

- Need Buy does not incur the shipping fee for returning the item to the seller

B- If the buyer objects 7 days after receiving the order (only if the return of the product is approved)

- The buyer will bear the shipping fee paid to ship the item to him

- The buyer will bear the shipping fee for returning the item to the seller

(15) Returned goods:

Need Buy Way of its subsidiaries has the right to dispose, destroy, liquidate or auction any of the seller's goods/products as appropriate within 60 days after receiving them from the shipping company in the event that these products/goods are not received from buyers for any reason, provided that the seller is notified of the said products/goods returned by sending a letter to the seller's e-mail and the seller has not taken the necessary measures to receive them. This paragraph is an express authorization to Need Buy to avoid and/or display products in liquidation for any products/goods mentioned above without any objection from the sellers and without any liability to Need Buy. In addition, Need Buy has the right to deduct from the seller's account or claim any fees or amounts you may incur through the destruction and/or liquidation of the above goods.

The government's ability to support the government's ability to support the government's work in the field of international security is

1.The site is just a channel of communication, where users can meet and interact with each other with the aim of buying and selling goods

2.Need Buy does not sell or buy goods, it cannot be a party to any transaction and is not obliged in any way on behalf of either seller or buyer who users of the site.

3.Need Buy does not guarantee that the buyer or seller will make the transaction or the seller accepts it or refunds.

4.You will not hold Need Buy responsible to users for the content, actions, reactions, goods or information they display

5.Need Buy is not responsible for non-compliance or concluding a contract between (users, nor is responsible for transferring legal ownership of goods from the seller to the buyer). The contract for the sale of any goods would be bilateral between the seller and the buyer. And need buy at any moment is not right nor

The authority and interest in any goods, and Need Buy does not have a obligation or claims regarding that goods contracted between the seller and the buyer.

6.Need Buy is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or delayed performance by either of the two, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to goods that are not available or delayed delivery.

7.Need Buy is not required to mediate or resolve any dispute or dispute between users.

8.Need Buy does not control or guarantee the quality, security and legitimacy of any goods advertised, nor controls the sincerity of users in terms of content and what they include in the description of their goods, the ability of sellers to market their goods, nor the buyer's payment of the price of the goods.

9.Need Buy does not guarantee the quality specifications or their value or the extent of their popularity in the markets which is the responsibility of the seller and buyer to check all the goods before selling them or

10.Need Buy is not a supplier or manufacturer of any type of goods sold or purchased on the site.

11.Need Buy does not represent or guarantee users' specifications in terms of their legitimacy, credibility and identity.

12.Need Buy is not responsible for the level of security of any links (Link) to off-site and if the address of the link is displayed on the pages of Need Buy displays its goods on the pages of a third taraf, and Need Buy does not guarantee that it is free of viruses or any destructive means, you know and agree that

Need Buy is not responsible for the content or presence of such sites.

13. Users alone must agree with each other on the method, terms and conditions of delivery, payment, as Need Buy is not responsible for such arrangements, and only provides optional shipping and payment facilitation services.

14.Need Buy does not tolerate any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether obtained by a fate or from a third party.

15.Need Buy excludes from its warranties, terms and conditions any financial losses, reputational damages, and any special damages arising from your misuse or inability to use the site, and Need Buy assumes no responsibilities or claims in such cases.

16. You exempt Need Buy and/or any of its officials and representatives, in respect of any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct loss to any party arising from the action of the users of the site, and in particular you waive in accordance with applicable laws any claim in this regard.

(17) Confidentiality:

1. BuyNeed adopts (physical, regulatory and technological) standards to protect against unauthorized access to and preservation of your personal lycage information. Knowing that the Internet is not a secure means, the confidentiality of your personal information can not be 100% guaranteed

2.Need Buy will provide your mobile contact information and e-mail to the second party to complete the transaction where the two parties are contacted to complete the shipment and payment process.

3.Need Buy has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other web pages connected to this site, or third parties claiming to represent you or others. You know and agree that Need Buy may use your information that you have provided to you, in order to provide you with services in

Need Buy, to send you marketing messages, and the confidentiality contract on this site controls collection, processing, use and transfer of your personal identity information.

(18) Veto user agreement:

Need Buy according to the user agreement and according to the law may immediately and without responsibility to determine your activity, remove your bids, write off your merchandise lists for sale, and alert other users about your activities, and May Buy may resort as well

To a temporary or permanent suspension, identify, withdraw your membership and/or limit or cancel your access to the site without prejudice to its other rights and legitimate means of recovering your rights in the event:

1. If you violate the employment agreement

2. If Need Buy cannot authenticate any of your information provided to it.

3. If You decide that your activities may cause you or other users and Need Buy legal problems.

4. Need Buy may resort to re-engaging suspended users, as a user who has permanently suspended his or her membership may not be able to register or attempt to register in Need Buy, or use the site in any way whatsoever.

circumstances, until he was allowed to re-energize in Need Buy. However, if you violate this user agreement, Need Buy reserves the right to recover any amounts owed to you by Need Buy, and any losses and damages you cause to Need Buy have the right to take

Legal proceedings and/or recourse to saudi Arabian courts to bring a criminal case against you as need buy deems appropriate.

5. You or others have violated this user agreement and Need Buy does not require you to waive their right to take appropriate action for such an act and other similar acts of violation. Need Buy does not guarantee that it will take action against all violations of the user agreement.

Inform them of information on how they communicate with each other, in order to complete the transaction, and that one of the parties is prohibited from using the information given to them for any purpose other than to complete the transaction made through the site.

Providing retrospective information:

Need Buy encourages buyers and sellers on the site to give feedback on each other after each sale has been completed, this will help all users to identify potential buyers and sellers, and will display your feedback with the user's identity on the site, and you agree not to publish retrospective information containing racist attacks or derogatory cultural value and any sarcastic comments, and prohibit the dissemination of recovery information in order to promote off-site sales. If you continue to receive negative feedback, Need Buy will begin to cancel your membership on the site.

(22) Cancellation of access and/or membership:

Without infusing its other rights and legitimate means of recovery, Need Buy can stop or cancel your membership and/or access the site at any time without warning and for any reason, without limitation, and can cancel this user agreement.

(23) No guarantee:

Need Buy provides its location and services for sale as the goods are available, without their approval and without guarantee, either internally or visibly, including the title deed, its suitability for use, its quality, safety and authenticity, as Need Buy does not guarantee its accuracy and extent.

Its reliability and completeness, and does not guarantee the information, texts, designs and means of communication used through the site. Need Buy does not guarantee the repair of the faults and does not guarantee that the site is free of viruses and any other things that can harm users. It is the nature of communication via

The Internet has information in it that is vulnerable to access, corruption and delay. From time to time, the site may be subject to non-preparedness due to troublerepair, maintenance and development, you agree that Need Buy is not obliged to support the site, and that you publicly agree to your visit to the site and take your own risks.

(24) Determining responsibilities:

As permitted by law, Need Buy, its employees, directors, agents, affiliates and processors will not be responsible for any direct loss or malfunction arising from your use of the site. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of its contents, the solution is that you do not continue to use it, moreover, you agree that any unauthorized use of the site and its services, due to your negligence will cause harm to Need Buy, and therefore Need Buy will then have to resort to the terms and conditions of the user agreement.

(25) Safety:

You agree to provide security to Need Buy, its managers, employees, agents, suppliers and protection from any damage caused to them by claims, losses, losses, costs and expenses, which occur due to your violation of the user agreement, violation of any law, modifications or infringement of the rights of third parties.

(26) Relationship and notices:

None of the terms of the user agreement contain a reference to a partnership between you and Need Buy, and you have no authority to oblige Need Buy in any way, and any notices you would like to send to Need Buy, you must send by email, with Need Buy responding to the email. You know and agree that any notices sent to you by Need Buy will be posted on the website or by email you provided to us during the registration process, presumably received after 72 hours of transmission. We can send you a notice by post at the address you provided to us and it is supposed to arrive at you 7 days after the transmission.

(27) Transfer of rights and obligations:

You herehere grant Need Buy the right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations and responsibilities to third parties that work with it, without having to refer to you, in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement, and Need Buy is committed to notifying you of such transfers if you occur as well as posting on the site, while you cannot transfer your benefits, rights and obligations to a third party without prior written permission from Buy Need, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.

(28) General information:

If any paragraph in this user agreement is invalid or cancelled or for any reason no longer valid, such a paragraph does not revoke the validity of the rest of the paragraphs in the Agreement. This agreement (which is amended from time to time according to its terms) sets out all the outlines of the understanding and agreement between you and Need Buy, taking into account the following:

- No person who is not a party to this user agreement has the right to impose any terms or conditions in it.

- If the user agreement is translated into any language other than English, whether on the site or in other ways, the English text for it remains the dominant one.

The ruling law and legislation:

This user agreement is governed and formulated in accordance with the law of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and is fully and fully subject to the legislation in the courts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, this paragraph creates an alternative to be used in the event that this user agreement expires or is cancelled for any reason.

(30) Perfume Listing Policy:

Sample perfumes (bottles that usually contain small amounts of fragrance used to provide consumers with free samples) are not allowed to be listed or sold on the site. Any fragrance that has any of the following or all of the following will be considered as a perfume sample:

- Comes from the original factory as a sample bottle of perfume (for inspection, sale from dealer to dealer) from the original designer of the perfume. - Comes with a different packaging box such as packaging from the same user (usually a sample bottle of fragrance is coated with a single-color plain case)

- The fragrance comes without the lid of the bottle inside the box.

- Some sample perfume bottles contain the word "tester" or "demonstration" on the bottle. - The box is described as "Not for sale"

Make sure that your perfume items follow the policy above. If not, your offer may be removed immediately without notice and may be subject to a range of other actions such as restrictions on your sales and purchase privileges, and suspension of your account.

(31) Additional conditions for sellers during White Friday:

These additional terms apply to the seller as well as the basic terms and conditions, and you can find a copy of the basic terms and conditions on the Need Buy website. The White Friday event will take place at the end of November 2015 or for any extended period of time. Need Buy has the right to change, modify or withdraw these additional terms. Need Buy will post these additional terms and any modifications to the site.

1. Delivery of discounted goods: Sellers participating in White Friday must deliver the goods ordered by any buyer to the nearest BExpress or FedEx shipping site or to the location of any other shipping partner. Delivery of all goods covered by the offer must be made within 48 hours of the completion of the order on the site from the buyer.

2- Quality and trust guarantee: The provisions require the seller to ensure genuine, new and non-faulty goods. Need Buy will take the necessary legal action and/or legal action against any seller who has been discovered to have sold or delivered to buyers counterfeit, used, refurbished, incomplete, non-genuine, unlicensed and misleading goods. Need Buy has the right to test and test samples of the seller's goods subject to discounts with the assistance of experts or competent authorities during this period. The seller must ensure that Need Buy, its employees, agents and buyers on the site are stripped of any charges and loss of anything in the event that the seller is found to have breached the undertaking.

Under these additional terms, the seller will be fined in favor of Need Buy or the buyer a maximum fine of $50,000 ($50,000) or direct cumulative losses to Need Buy and the buyer.

3- If there is any contradiction between these additional conditions and conditions, these additional conditions will be implemented.

(32) Bail conditions and provisions

The warranty is valid only if the serial number of the item is present. Need Buy reserves the right to cancel the warranty if the buyer changes or removes the serial number of the item after purchase.

When the warranty takes effect, the obligations and obligations of Need Buy are to repair or replace the damaged part of the item, compensating the buyer with a portion/or the total amount paid by the buyer for the item and the compensation is at the price of the item in Need Buy.

Maintenance covered by the warranty must be carried out within the maintenance center approved by Need Buy, but the attempt to maintain the item outside this center is cancelled completely and Need Buy is not responsible in any way for compensating the buyer for the item affected by this maintenance, nor is it responsible in any way for any claims or damages that may arise from maintenance outside the maintenance centers approved by it. Warranty must be done at need Buy's certified maintenance centre. Warranty is void in the event of attempting any type of maintenance carried out outside the accredited centre, and Need Buy is not responsible for any damages, damages or claims resulting from the maintenance of the item outside the deliberate maintenance center.

The maintenance or even replacement of goods that are made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty is not and will not be considered or lead to the renewal of the warranty period is not considered maintenance or replacement in any way a renewal of the period of warranty granted to the buyer with the item.

Need Buy does not cover any cases where the damage to the item is found to be a design error, raw or other manufacturing defects.

The following are excluded from the warranty:

Periodic inspection, general maintenance, repair and replacement of parts of the item that are disrupted by the normal use of the item, in addition to other consumer parts such as batteries, cables, headphones, lights and other parts of the commodity that are consumed naturally.

Misuse, including but not limited to, malfunctions arising from the buyer's failure to know the correct way of making the item, or attempting to operate it in contravention of the Need Buy policy or manufacturer, as well as failures resulting from the use of any unapproved accessories to be used with the item.

Any malfunction caused by an installation or installation error results in a breach of the instructions in the user manual or those granted by Need Buy to the buyer when he purchased the item.

All malfunctions resulting from various accidents such as lightning, justice and destiny, floods, civil disturbances or other causes that are beyond the control of Need Buy and cannot be controlled.

Failures resulting from modifications to the item to meet international or local standards in all areas where goods were sold were not originally designed to operate.

Battery failures resulting from excessive charging or any other reasons in which the general instructions for use in the user manual were breached, as well as the buyer scanning, removing or modifying the serial number of the item or if the serial number of the item was not readable.

Battery failures caused by the use of chargers that are not compatible with the item or that are not approved to work with the item by the manufacturer of the item, or in the event that parts of the battery are broken or tampered with.

This warranty is not transferable from one person to another and will be the only way by which the buyer can benefit from the Need Buy services or maintenance centers that are accredited to them in the warranty document and will be responsible for any express or implied breach of any of the terms of this warranty.

Legal Liability: Need Buy is not responsible in any way for any loss of information that may be stored/stored on any goods that are maintained or replaced.

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