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Merchant terms & conditions

Merchant terms & conditions

welcome to Need Buy!


Introduction : These terms and conditions site terms state how you use our services in order to sell your goods products through a site Need Buy Commercial In order to use the site or any of our services our services to sell products, you must create a valid seller account We may amend our services from time to time.


Words used in these site terms the terms defined or written in bold have the meanings given to them in these site terms The word seller refers to either you as an individual if you use the services on behalf of yourself, or the company for which you work as a representative if you are registered or use a service in your capacity as part of ) a company or any of your affiliates individually in relation to each selected country or Collectively, according to the context )) and you choose to create a seller account and register on the site Seller agrees to abide by and be bound by these site terms.


In these site terms, mean words Need Buy We, the conscience of the community speaking, and our king, as applicable, each or all of the parties partiesNeed Buy Contracting or any of its affiliates The word “ subsidiary ” means in relation to any entity, any other entity or person who directly or indirectly controls that entity or is subject to it or is subject to the joint control of that entity The word person means any individual, company, partnership, limited liability company, government entity, association, joint venture, department or specific entity, whether or not it has a clear legal existence..

Create a seller account According to the instructions on the site, you must create a seller account with us. If you are an individual, you must be a resident in the Arab Republic of Egypt, but in the case of companies, the company must have the ability to do business in the Arab Republic of Egypt according to the applicable laws Out in the Arab Republic of Egypt We may assist you in creating an account in each of the selected countries after receiving the necessary information from you You must familiarize yourself with the process mentioned on the site and also familiarize yourself with all the terms of the site Must not register a pseudonym and or impersonation logon credentials for any other vendor or the word words passwords its own, where the result of this behavior , fraudulent violation of laws and regulations , federal, national, regional or international force applicable laws in The Arab Republic of Egypt You also agree to provide all relevant information to us as long as your account is active When registering your seller’s account, you must present the valid and original supporting documents that we specify, according to what we require through the site or your seller’s account..

Passwords : In the event that you are selected or provided with a username, password, or any other information as part of our security procedures, you must deal with this information with complete confidentiality, as you are solely responsible for maintaining the integrity of your password It is not permissible for you to disclose the password to others unlike other parties authorized by you to use your account according to these site terms , and you are solely responsible for any use or action taken under your password If your password is compromised, you must change it immediately We have the right to stop any identification name or password, whether it was chosen by you, or we have assigned it, at any time if we think, according to our reasonable opinion, that you have failed to comply with any of these site conditions.


Specific policies : By creating a seller account, at the time of account creation or registration, you agree to abide by and adhere to these site terms, as well as all policies, protocols, guidelines and other conditions contained on the site which form an integral part of these site terms ). It includes:


)    Any special conditions that you are notified about from time to time and that apply in each of the selected countries in which you register or choose to use our services by using the functions we can activate the use for your account And

)  Any service-specific conditions related to the services provided by us and requested by you, and we can provide you with them from time to time using the functions we can activate the use for your account according to the conditions for that service (it may only relate to specific products).

Our commercial market services In accordance with these site terms, we provide websites and mobile phones to enable you to display your products which you choose and agree to to customers and complete transactions according to what you choose and agree on together Except as otherwise provided in these site terms, the seller acknowledges that Need Buy You do not own the ownership or ownership of the products or the stock of the products at any stage by virtue of our provision of our services according to these site terms The products remain the property of the seller until a successful delivery to the customer is made and completed or returned to the seller.


Duties of the seller : You may only take advantage of the site for legitimate and legal purposes You must abide by all the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and you acknowledge that they may differ in the different selected countries You are required to adhere to these differences wherever you may find them You must ensure that your products comply with the images placed on the site and with the information provided to us, and you must avoid placing any advertisements or misleading information about your products or any trademark on the site And in the event that you discover your violation of these site terms, you must accept the return of the products and bear responsibility in front of us in accordance with these site terms.


Products that we consider potentially dangerous including, for example, the health and safety of individuals may require additional safeguards to be given to us in order to allow sale through the website Certain laws apply in the Arab Republic of Egypt to selling this type of product, and it is your responsibility to comply with these laws You will be solely responsible for and the costs of any liabilities incurred due to failure to comply with health and related safety requirements and or the sale of products that pose a risk to individuals or people's property We reserve the right to reject products that are included in our list of prohibited items and as amended from time to time The products offered for sale on the site must comply with all laws, regulations, policies and protocols Need Buy That are identified on the site and updated from time to time It is strictly forbidden to sell illegal or unsafe products or other prohibited products mentioned in these pages, including products that are available only by prescription Before listing or requesting us to include products on the site, you should carefully review the relevant instruction pages on the site The examples on the help pages are not exhaustive, they are only provided as a kind of instructional information Accordingly, we encourage you to seek independent legal advice if you have any questions about laws and regulations related to your products..


The sale process and its implementation : In contrast to the cases in which we agree to provide our services to you according to the conditions of our other services (and at this time only according to the guarantees and to the extent stipulated in the terms of the other services mentioned , and for any of our services that you request to use or benefit from which we agree to provide You have to:


)   Ensure that your products do not cause any personal injury or property damage;

to apply to Need Buy (On request an updated copy of your trade license in the case of companies or a copy of your passport or national identity in the case of natural persons ;

Provide the required guarantees and maintenance for the products purchased in accordance with the practices Need Buy Instructions and protocols Need Buy And the law laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt ; d continuing to bear responsibility for after-sales services, warranties, guarantees, maintenance and any defects that may appear in or in relation to your products, according to the law in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt where you may You ask us to do this on your behalf ; e ) to bring, display, sell and fulfill your products, in each case, according to the terms of the order and the shipping data regarding any of your products that are ordered through the site , these site terms, and all the conditions presented by you (with our consent Or by us which are displayed on the site at the time of the order, where you bear the sole responsibility for and bear all risks of such activities;

Executing your product requests using one of the courier companies approved by us which will be notified to you with the data provided through your seller account ;

Packaging each of your products in a commercially reasonable manner to comply with all stated packaging and labeling requirements;

)  Subject to the other conditions of service, ship each of your products, at your expense or the expense of the customer in agreement with us , on or before any of the following : (1) The end of the period available for shipment which starts from the date of the relevant order before Customer or the shipping availability date, as applicable, which you specify in the relevant inventory product data for your product; Or (2) if you do not specify the shipping availability information in the inventory data / the products mentioned, or if your product is classified in the product category that requires Need Buy Shipped it within three working days from the date the relevant order was placed by the customer and you acknowledge and agree to our right to collect any losses incurred or incurred against us in the event : (1) You delay in the specified time for delivery; Or (2) cancel a customer's confirmed order;

Retrieve order data and shipping information for any of your products that have been ordered through the site to comply with your obligations in accordance with these site conditions;

To only cancel any sale of your product (your products through the site as permitted in accordance with the guidelines and policies issued by us, which are in effect at the time of the mentioned order or as required under these site conditions ; j Execute your product requests throughout The Arab Republic of Egypt with the exception of the extent prohibited under the law in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt or these site terms ;

supply Need Buy With the necessary information regarding the implementation of the requests, placing the order and tracking it to the extent available , in each case according to what we request, using the processes specified by us, and we shall have the right to make any of this information publicly available;

Comply with all instructions, if any, determined by the manufacturer, distributor, and or product licensing authority, which specify the date before which specific information about that product example book title may not be made available , or before which the product may not be delivered. Otherwise, make it available to customers;

To be the seller of each of your products and not to act on behalf of anyone else;

Attach a dedicated packing card to the order, and if applicable, any tax invoices, in every shipment of your products;

Identify yourself as a seller of each of your products on all packing cards or other information received or provided regarding your products and as the person to whom the customer can return the applied product; And

Except as expressly permitted by these site terms, the obligation not to contact customers whether by phone, e-mail, or other means of communication to confirm orders or to implement your products or for any other reason..

Our Policies : The terms of the site apply to all activities or transactions that take place on or through the site in each of the selected countries In the event that the seller or the owner of a trademark from a third party notifies Need Buy Or through a court or an administrative or governmental order that the products or any part thereof violate intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt which means without restriction ) (1) Copyright or copyrights, patents, database rights and rights in marks Commercial, designs, know-how, and confidential information either registered or unregistered (2) Registration requests, and the right to apply for registration, of any of those rights; And (3) all other intellectual property rights, and equal or similar forms of protection found anywhere else in the world or any other rights of others or under any laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt, we may remove those products from the site and from our stores If applicable at our absolute discretion, or the seller submits a request to remove those products within a reasonable period of time sent in writing The seller acknowledges that it is permissible forNeed Buy From time to time introduce and implement new business rules and customer service guidelines In addition, we are not obligated to return any information, materials or documents to you, whether before or after the termination of these site terms or the cancellation of the seller's account.


Fees and Payments : Except as otherwise stated, the fees that we charge for our services can be viewed on the website And updates on this from time to time The seller is responsible for paying taxes related to the products including any interest or fines imposed by any competent authority due to delay or non-payment of those taxes, according to the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt ). All these amounts are in addition to our fees You also grant us the necessary authorization and you will provide us with documents proving your authorization upon our request to verify your information including any updated information , and to obtain credit reports on you from time to time, whenever agreed upon with you in each case, This is to obtain a credit authorization from the authority that issued your credit card and to calculate the amounts on your credit card or deduct any amounts owed by you to us from your bank account whether in the form of payment or otherwise ). With the exception of what is stipulated otherwise, all amounts mentioned in these site conditions will be indicated and displayed in the currency stipulated on the site or referred to in the seller's account And all payments received in these site terms will be paid in the currency stipulated on the site or referred to in the seller's account .


All fees payable by the seller under the terms of the site do not include these taxes and fees in force, including without limitation, value-added tax, sales tax, and other similar taxes on transactions, production taxes and total returns (“ indirect taxes ”) . If the fees payable by the seller are subject to indirect taxes, then in this case indirect taxes are calculated before Need Buy In addition to the fees payable under the agreement The seller will provide that information to Need Buy Whenever it is reasonably required to determine if it is Need Buy Obligated to collect indirect taxes from the seller or allow forNeed Buy To comply with its legal obligations regarding the correct collection and implementation of indirect taxes And will Need Buy To deduct the shipping fees incurred Need Buy With regard to the seller or customer, if any, before disbursing the payment during the respective month We will make reasonable endeavors to ensure that the cost of each item minus our fees is disbursed as stipulated on the site to the seller’s account on the site in accordance with the payment terms stipulated on the site in the Arab Republic of Egypt after the successful delivery of the product, and in any case provided that it is not This exceeds thirty days from delivery This period is always subject to any customer dispute or dispute resolution period After that, the seller can transfer the remaining balance to his her bank account at any time Our commitment to transfer the funds received by us on your behalf is limited to the funds we have already received minus the amounts owed to us, taking into account the charging of expenses, returns, or withheld amounts for anticipated claims according to these site conditions The parties must seek to resolve all disputes relating to any money amicably, and in the absence of any acceptable solution, the parties must refer the dispute to the Court of Rashid Elementary Badrjtaha without other.


And regardless of any other text in these terms of the site and without prejudice to the rights and means Need Buy The other, the seller believes Need Buy Against all losses including to the extent that any direct or indirect loss is considered and or related to or includes any investigation costs, fees or professional expenses incurred or incurred if it is found that the seller's product is imitation, remodeled, or not original ; Or any other type of fraudulent behavior that will be compensated by the seller.


Guarantees and declarations of the seller : The seller acknowledges and guarantees that (1) If you are a company, it is incorporated and is operating properly and that it is in good condition according to the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt in which you registered its seller’s account, and that it registers for our services provided under these site terms In the Arab Republic of Egypt; (2) The seller has all the necessary authority and authority to conclude these site terms and implement his obligations and to grant rights, licenses and authorizations in these site terms; (3) The seller has the authority, licenses, permits, authorizations, ownership rights, approvals and permissions for products and he can sell and promote products in the geographical territory in which they are sold through the website; (4) The seller's products comply with the quality and safety standards in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt; (5) The seller is solely responsible for any products that are ordered or distributed through the site and he is also responsible for any breach of any contracts with others; (6) The order procedure and the sale of the seller's products through the website does not violate any laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt or the rights of others; (7) All products including materials supplied to Need Buy Original and free from any defects; (8) The seller will not engage in unfair commercial practices and or post any inaccurate or misleading advertising or information about the products through the site; (9) The seller will not sell or deliver to the customer any refurbished or used items and the products will always be new and unused; And (10) the seller understands his consumer protection obligations as a supplier and insures Need Buy Against any losses or costs incurred Need Buy With regard to the seller's obligations under any applicable laws.


Returns : The seller undertakes to adhere to the return policy and refund the price stipulated on the site, at his own expense where the products sold through the site are Subject to return or refund during the return period and return the price from the date the products were delivered to the customer The return policy applies as long as the products are in their original packaging and returned to the seller in the original condition they were in at the time of purchase and receipt Our customer support team will arrange the return process to the seller by booking an appointment with the postman to receive the product and return it to the seller in accordance with the policy, and at this stage the seller must return the full amount to the mentioned customer Subject to the provisions of this clause, the seller must always accept the return of the product If the return of the product is not based on an allegation that the seller has violated any of his obligations, he will not Need Buy Calculating any costs or fines unless otherwise specified in these site terms ). We will either return the items to your shipping address If we arrange the return and if your shipping address is found to be out of date or incorrect; ) You did not provide a private shipping address in the Arab Republic of Egypt; Or we can not make arrangements for you to repay the value of the shipment returned . In this case we will assume that you have Tnaazeltm product products and we may to the extent permitted by applicable law in the Arab Republic of Egypt disposed of You must compensate us for all costs and expenses we incurred for storing, returning or disposing of any of the products We may, if we choose to do so, dispose of any of the products (and we will consider that you have agreed to our behavior immediately if we decide, in our absolute discretion, that those products represent a safety or health risk or create an obligation on Need Buy Or its employees or any of the others And to the extent that we choose where to dispose of any of those products, transmitted to us ownership of each of the products that have been disposed of without charge and to the extent that allows us to dispose of the product products , we will retain all of the proceeds, if any, we get a result of this act.

Delivery errors and non-conformities : You will be solely responsible for any error in execution, non-delivery, error in delivery, theft or any other error or behavior related to the execution of your product order, except to the extent that the cause is any of the following : ( tampering with the card Credit (and when we are responsible for this manipulation Or our failure to provide you with respect to any of your products ordered through the website order data, shipping information as we received it, or as a result of the address verification process Regardless of the previous sentence, and for any of your products whose requests are executed according to the terms of the previously executed orders Need BuyIf any, the terms of previously executed orders apply Need Buy For the site in cases of non-delivery, error in delivery, theft, or any error or other behavior related to the implementation of your product orders You will be responsible for any non-conformity or any defect in, or any public or private recall cases for any of your products or any other products presented in connection with your products You must notify us immediately as soon as you become aware of any public or private recall cases for your products or any other products presented in connection with your products..


Intellectual property : lNeed Buy And you authorize it to use, copy, distribute, modify and disclose to third parties any content, trademarks, materials or images of products that you upload to the site and the seller guarantees that he is entitled to grant that license ). This license granted to us by you will be free of charge and non-exclusive and includes all parts of the world and it is a permanent license and represents an irrevocable right and a license for us to use, copy, implement, display, distribute, adapt, modify, reformulate and create derivative works from and otherwise exploit any and all of the seller's materials commercially or otherwise. Commercial in any way, and that we sublicense these rights to any of its subsidiariesNeed BuyHowever, provided our commitment not to change any of the seller's trademarks other than the form provided by the seller except for what is necessary to amend the size of the trademarks to the extent necessary to display them as long as the relative parts of these marks remain unchanged , and we must also comply with requests to remove some uses in Dealer's trademarks provided you are not able to do so using the feature available to you on the site or through our services if applicable )). Nothing in these site terms prevents or limits the right Need Buy In using the seller's materials without your permission to the extent that such use is permissible without the need for a license from the seller or its subsidiaries under the law in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt Accordingly, we do not grant you a license except to the extent necessary in the strictest limits to use our services that we have agreed to provide to you The word material " means all technologies, trademarks, approvals, product data, data, materials and other terms or information provided or available by you or by your affiliates to Need Buy Or its subsidiaries.


Changes, updates and upgrades maintains Need Buy The right to change these website terms at any time and at its absolute discretion Any changes will become effective immediately upon the occurrence of any of the following First Posting the amendments on the website and or sending the notification to you including via e-mail or through your seller’s account without sending any further notice to you You are also responsible for reviewing any applicable changes Your continued use of the website which appears through your access to your seller's account ) and our services following the publication of any changes, notifications and or pressure requests to agree to continue, constitutes your acceptance of those changes In the event that you do not accept any of those changes made to these website terms, you must not continue to use the site or our services Seller agrees that there is no effect or legal validity of any business conditions issued by or sent to Need Buy. While trying Need Buy And strives to maintain the safety and security of the site, we do not guarantee the continuation of the site’s operation or access to it The seller acknowledges that it is permissible forNeed Buy From time to time, to upgrade the features on the site or some aspects of our services that the seller provides to his customers in general In order for the seller to benefit from that promotion, they mayNeed Buy Making changes to the provision of any of our services, as well as the procedures by which the seller obtains any of our services And mayNeed Buy Also, from time to time, change any of our services to the extent necessary to comply with any change to the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt..


commitment Need Buy: The site and any of our services provided through it or any of the features used or based on it, including all content, software, functions, materials and information available regarding or provided in connection with our services, are considered as is ". Each entity is considered an entity Need Buy Or any person individually responsible for his own obligations under these site terms and are not collectively responsible for the obligations of any other entity or person affiliated withNeed Buy Under these site terms As a user of the site, the seller uses the site and our services provided to the seller at his own risk To the maximum extent permitted by law, give up Need Buy And the subsidiary companies are responsible for the following : (1) Any representations or guarantees related to the terms of the site contained herein, or any of our services or dealings stipulated in the terms of the site, including any implied guarantees related to commercial popularity or validity for a specific purpose or non-violation; (2) The implied guarantees arising during the transaction, execution, or use of this type of trade; And (3) any obligation, liability, right, claim, or means of compensation for damage, whether or not it results from our negligence It does not guarantee Need Buy The features on the site and in our services will comply with the seller’s requirements, be available, available in a timely manner, secure, uninterrupted, or error-free, and will not be Need Buy Responsible for any service interruption, including but not limited to system malfunctions or other interruptions that may affect the receipt, processing, acceptance, completion or settlement of any transactions Also do not get involved Need Buy In any transactions between customers and vendors or other transactions in the event of a dispute between one or more of the participants, and accordingly each participant shall be exempted fromNeed Buy And its affiliated companies and its agents and employees from any claims, requests and compensation actual or consequential ) of whatever kind or nature, whether known or unknown, whether in suspicion or not, and whether it was disclosed or not disclosed and arising out of or related in any way. Of the forms in those conflicts Our liability arising out of or in connection with these site terms or the transactions stipulated, whether in contractual terms, warranty or damage including negligence, product liability, or other theories to the seller or any other person for any cost to cover Or a refund or compensation for any investment made by the seller or any of his affiliates in connection with these terms of the site, or for any loss of profit, returns, work, data, disciplinary or consequential compensation that arises from or related to these site terms, even if they are Need Buy Or its affiliated companies have been notified of the possibility of such costs or damages occurring, which will not exceed in their entirety the value equal to the amounts paid to the seller during the previous six-month period in connection with the specific service that was the cause of the emergence of this claim preceding the event that was the basis for the emergence of that liability.


Seller Disclaimer and Indemnity Excuses Seller Need Buy And agrees to indemnify and protect it and its affiliates, officials, directors, employees, representatives and agents against any claim, loss, damage, settlement, cost, expenses, or other obligations including without restricting attorneys' fees ) ( each of which is referred to by the word “ claim ”) Which arises from or in connection with the following : ( Actual or alleged breach by the seller of any of the obligations contained in these site terms; Any other means for the seller through which the seller or his affiliates offer products or services other than the website; ) Your products including display, sale, performance, and order fulfillment ) Your materials; Any actual or alleged breach of any intellectual property right by any of the foregoing, and any personal injury, death, or damage to property related thereto; Any undertaking from third parties, management, or otherwise to participate in the display, sale, performance, or execution of orders for your products, including any of your employees, representatives, agents, contractors or subcontractors this includes any action or omission by any Of them or any claim made or directed by any of them Or Taxes imposed or payable by the seller or for the sale and or supply of products The seller hires legal counsel that you accept Need Buy Reasonably for the defense in every claim that is compensated, and in the event that it is deemed necessary Need Buy At any time, it is reasonably possible that any claim in which compensation has been awarded may adversely affect me Need Buy, We may obtain the right of the Defense Department in this regard You may not consent to the issuance of any judgment or the conclusion of any settlement of any claim without obtaining prior written approval, which may not be prevented without reasonable cause We also reserve the right to exercise our rights under this text by withholding funds that are otherwise owed to the seller under the terms of the site mentioned here..


Loss mitigation : Except if the matter is related to any claim or suit for non-payment of fees, each party must take all reasonable steps to mitigate the losses and damages incurred by them as a result of any claim or lawsuit whether due to negligence, breach of contract, or false statements. , Under any compensation or otherwise assesses it against the other party.


Confidentiality For the duration of your use of our services, you may receive information about us or our services including transactional information Need Buy) Which is not shown to the public (“ confidential information ”). You also agree that : ( All confidential information remains the exclusive property ofNeed BuyYou have the right to use confidential information only to the extent necessary for your participation in our services; Otherwise, you may not disclose confidential information to any other person or third party; And you must take all reasonable measures to protect confidential information from any use or disclosure not expressly permitted in these website terms You may not issue any press release or issue any declared statement related to our services or use our name, trademarks or logo in any way including in promotional materials without obtaining prior written permission, and you may not misrepresent or exaggerate the relationship. List us in any way


Disclosure of information : maintains Need Buy It has the right to report any activity if it is suspected that it violates any of the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt, to the relevant law enforcement officials, regulatory authorities, or others In order to cooperate with government requests for protection Need Buy And their customers or to ensure the integrity of the conduct of the business Need Buy And its systems, may lNeed Buy Accessing and disclosing any information it deems necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to the seller's account data, contact data, IP address, data traffic information, usage history and posted content A must for both Need Buy The seller will protect customer data according to their respective policies and the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Use of transactional information Need Buy: You must refrain from and instruct your subsidiaries to refrain from the following, directly or indirectly : ( Disclosing any information related to transactions Need Buy (Except for the necessary amount of information that you can disclose only in order to fulfill your obligations under these terms of the site, if you are sure that each recipient of this information will use it only for the purpose that is consistent with the restrictions imposed on you regarding that informat